So you think you know what these Words mean ?Wait till you read the labels .We are here to change the meaning of these simple words in a way that is surely going to kick off a riot of laughter.

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Our Signature Collections

365 Days

"Every Day is a Fresh Start"

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Pot of Gold

These gold travel-friendly tins are perfect for the office or even when you are on the run. Checked into a hotel and transform your room into cozy in minutes with your favorite scent and the warmth of candlelight. Or choose from our assorted collection and transform your room into your Scent Personality .Perfect for gifting .

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Summer Edit '22

"Take me Where Summer Never Ends"

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  • @Lori Somers

    I would totally recommend these scented candles ,got the Vanilla almond Sandallwood and it has an amazing scent .Cannot wait to try out the Berry Scented .Thank you ,you do an amazing job onall your products.

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  • @Wayne Miles

    All I can say is "WOW!"Ordered my candles through the website ,fast delivery service and what awesome candles...so very much better than anything you buy in the usual "big box stores".My wife loves these candles!!

    Guys out there ... Christmas Gifts !!

  • Uplifts Experience and Relaxing Mood

  • Amazing Fragrance Selections

  • Clean Burn

  • Supports Restful Sleep

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