5 Best Sustainability Home Decor Trends in 2021

5 Best Sustainability Home Decor Trends in 2021

Ever since 2020 hit the world with a pandemic, most of the world’s population has been forced to live, work, and play from their homes. Being locked indoors for months and months has made homeowners realize the utmost importance of connecting with nature and most importantly, the planet, its resources, and the lifestyle. Hence, there has never been a better understanding of the concepts of sustainability and human wellness in the home decor industry - until now! 
Now that we are coping up with the post-pandemic era, there are upcoming trends solely focusing on the sustainability aspects of interior design. From smartly strategizing the space utilization to incorporating natural elements - here are the 5 best sustainability home decor trends to look forward to in 2021.

Incorporate Organic Materials

It is time that you bring back your grandmother’s favorite belongings - the grasscloth furniture and wicker baskets! Yes, materials such as rattan, wicker, and cane are not only eco-friendly but also help the planet heal. Quite long-lasting, strong, and durable, incorporating these natural materials will imbibe a sense of warmth and comfort into your space while simultaneously reflecting your care for the planet. 
Especially a great addition to Japandi, Scandinavian, Bohemian, and Modern Farmhouse interior design backdrops - these materials and textures are quite seamlessly welcomed. And not to forget that these materials will always remain in fashion and will never go out of style! So, don’t hold back from flaunting off that perfect piece of rattan lampshade and cane basket underneath the console table!

Introduce Nature

During national lockdowns, most homeowners residing in the metropolitan cities claimed that they missed being around nature. Hence, to overcome that feeling - you must incorporate natural indoor plants inside your home to feel refreshing and wholesome at all times. Not only will these green elements connect human senses with nature but also clean the indoor air - which will significantly improve the indoor air quality of your space.
Certain species such as bonsai, fig-trees, rubber plants, spider plants, and aloe vera have offered substantial advantages like low maintenance and budget-friendly design ideas for your home. So, it is time that you bring live decor and brighten that empty bland corner of your living room with a touch of lovely greenery!

Opt for Repurposed Decor

Reuse, repurpose, and reduce should be your mantra for the year 2021. Rather than purchasing brand new furniture, it is time that you repurpose the existing furniture to reduce the reliance on Mother Earth for resources. Whether it is about investing in good quality products that last a long time or reusing existing accessories and furniture - ensure to minimize the wastage as much as you can! 
Well, not just about saving money and cutting down on waste but also that sometimes you might find that perfect piece of vintage and antique accessory that looks absolutely timeless in your home. Hence, choosing recycled materials and thrift shopping is one of the best sustainable home decor trends to incorporate in 2021.

Preach Minimalism

Minimalism is more than a mere interior design style - well, it is also a lifestyle. Apparently, tiny living is emerging out as a major trend for the year solely because of how sustainable and planet-friendly it aspires to be. The whole concept of limiting using the products and only needing what is necessary is the idea.
It is true that this year has taught us a lesson that we can do a lot more with very little! And this basically implies owning fewer home decor products that we need. And mainly keeping the surroundings clean, crisp, and meaningful. Demanding less is inversely proportional to saving the planet and helping it heal in the long run.

Plan Modular and Smart

Lastly, planning smartly is something that will take you a very long way. Introducing the concepts of hybrid planning - where you create a full hybrid experience in a smaller area - thus, will save you construction costs as well as resources. Opting for open concept plans and focusing more on collaborative and outdoor seating is also quite recommended.
With lesser structural elements in the home (for instance the walls in an open concept plan) - you are open to design and redesign every now and then without involving much renovation hassles! Furthermore, don’t forget that you have ample opportunities to design space-saving solutions. Whether it is the murphy beds or ergonomic work desk - it is time that you make use of those smart decor items!

Summing it Up

Who says that sustainable decor is dull and boring? Well, right from jute rugs to the handwoven baskets, there are ample ways to spruce up your homes - sustainably! And it's quite notable that this decor style can be equally trendy and eye-catchy!
So, are you excited to incorporate this new set of living in your home? I would love to know your thoughts, comment below!
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