Five Intriguing Ways to Introduce Green to Your Interior Decor

Five Intriguing Ways to Introduce Green to Your Interior Decor

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Green is a known color for renewal, nature, energy, and life that associates itself with environment, harmony, freshness, growth, and safety. One of the most soothing and relaxing hues, this color has the potential to make you feel calm and peaceful at any time of the day. And therefore, there is something so tranquilizing about the color that when you add them as a tinge of home decor, your space is bound to feel overly relaxed and comfortable.

Apart from the healing process, the elements of green will further help in purifying your indoor air while providing more oxygen. After all, ever since the population has been stuck indoors - living, working, and playing, the need for live decor further emerges. So, here are 5 ways you can incorporate greens into your home!

Play with Potted Plants


There is no better way to introduce greens in your home than styling creative potted plants on the shelf, nightstands, countertops, coffee tables, and even empty room corners. Regardless of your interior design style, you can choose these timeless planters - either in groups or singular large pieces to flaunt off those eye-catchy, low-maintenance succulents, spider plants, and fig trees. 

And especially if you reside in one of those colder regions like Canada, these tinges of green are a perfect addition in the winter months when you crave greens more than whites! And don’t forget, they look quite aesthetically appealing - so, definitely, something to owe and be proud of!

Tap Green on Furniture


This color of peace and prosperity can play wonderfully as an accent. So, whether it is a focal piece of the couch, console, or even accent chairs and ottomans, you can absolutely play with contrasts and let your space shine brighter than ever. However, there is a variety of greens that you can choose from - sage greens (quite trendy), olive greens, and bottle greens!

Furthermore, especially for the Eclectic and Grandmillenial interior design style, once you place these against a neutral-toned wall, they are bound to look flabbergasting and magnificent! You can even play with upholstery here to get your desired look!

Accessorize It


God lies in the details, and these details can be found in your accessories. Believe it or not - creative accessorizing has the potential to make or break your space. Hence, one of the best ways to incorporate greens is through accessories - well, in the form of throw pillows, glass jars, urns, artwork, curtains, and table or floor lamps. 

You can very creatively color coordinate and play with contrasts to create a stunning backdrop in your space. Furthermore, you can even pair these accessories with real-time potted plants to further achieve that ‘natural’ look.

Paint An Accent Wall

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Specifically in the colder regions where nature seems to shed off during the winter months - one of the best ways to relive that feeling is by simply introducing a green accent wall that makes you feel charming, all year long. It imbibes a sense of freshness and empowerment that tends to heal emotions - even during times of utmost stress.

Whether it is the focal wall of your bedroom, living room, or the cabinets of your kitchen - the ‘green’ in it will inspire you and blend your space to make it look like a natural haven!

(From a design perspective, your accent could also be entrance doors, ceilings, and moldings)

Wallpaper Prints


                Sources: Marcante-testa/Designsponge/domino

If not ample realistic plants, then why not paste floral-imprint wallpapers, instead? You can feel refreshed and rejuvenated with those wallpapers with green imprints on them! Surely under a budget, you can use this source of medium to hide those peels and shabby linings on the walls too!

Last but not the least, you can use them as a focal point right in the entryway, staircases, and even long and boring hallways to exhibit a bright and enlightened feel. Don’t forget to style with your favorite pieces of flowers and leaves here!

Can you imagine a world with no nature? It would definitely be dull and dingy, right? Well, similarly, a home with no green elements is bound to look boring and unwelcoming. So, are you excited to incorporate a tinge of green in your space? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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