Hand Block Printing: Celebrating Art and Sustainability

Hand Block Printing: Celebrating Art and Sustainability

There’s something truly unique and quirky about a curated fabric that is decorated with block prints. Showcasing the beautiful exquisite patterns that reflect the skill, tremendous patience, and perfection - each inch of this fabric is created to spark a sense of joy in your home. Irrespective of where the fashion and home decor industry is leading to, these block prints are profoundly proving timeless and meanwhile, making the headlines.

What is Block Printing?

A century-old technique, block printing originated in China for mainly printing purposes on textiles and paper. Later down the line, Indian artisans borrowed this technique and flourished it into a cultural form of art. Communities in the states of Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat are still following this centuries-old traditional hand block printing process. 

Hand Block Printing - The Method

Even though the process is quite long, tedious, time-consuming, and labor-intensive - at the same time, it’s equally exciting and thrilling. As the name suggests, printing is made possible using blocks that are made from rubber, wood, or linoleum. Artisans hand-carve various intriguing designs on these blocks that are later used for printing.

Depending upon the intricacy of the details, it may take several hours and days to complete the carvings. Once this block is ready after getting treated with oil, the printer applies color and later strikes it hard against the fabric to create an impression. This process is carried out on the entire fabric surface - and do you know what the result is? Well, truly a unique rustic finish that’s full of exotic and captivating patterns.

What Makes Hand Block Printing So Special?

In the midst of a world where technology predominantly rules, this handmade and hand-woven technique has a charm. These block prints are here to stay for a longer time - majorly because of how eco-friendly and sustainable it is. Every aspect of this process involves sustainable practices that eventually help the planet heal.

Millennials today are increasingly aware of the environment and their responsibility towards society. Hence, slow and sustainable trends are gradually taking a toll in the fashion as well as the home decor industry. And since block printing is a product of culture, tradition, and nature - the demand for this technique is high on the rise.

Block printing requires the low consumption of resources and optimized use of natural dyes to embrace sustainability and authenticity. Acquiring a lesser carbon footprint - there’s something absolutely beautiful about this slow fashion that must be adopted.

Introducing Hand Block Printing in Daily Life

Well, this environment-friendly textile art is indeed the need of the hour. Apart from that, the aesthetics and versatility are something to have an eye on. Hence, launching our new designer handwoven block print pillows that are bound to add an authentic yet cultural charm to the homes. Available in a wide array of patterns and colors, these prints tend to leave an everlasting impression on the panorama of the living room, bedroom, and other leisure seating! 

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