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GOLTIKLI, is the dream child of a young and Dynamic couple from Ontario ,
Loki & Su. Being Big Traveloholics , the idea started with collecting souvenirs from all around the world. In 2021 they founded GOLTIKLI(goal-tik-lee) - which means a Coaster in Sanskrit with the idea of designing fun souvenirs & collectibles.
Our Vision is to create quirky spaces wherever we go, to add little bit of fun & magic in your homes. Our products & designs are inspired by cultures and art forms from around the world, blended with a fun, colorful and modern aesthetic that is joyful and uplifting. With an Indian palette, we have been drawing our inspiration from a wide range of Lifestyles from Royalties to street Shops across the world. We seek to curate the essence of life around the world and transcribe this loud and colorful experience into contemporary and sophisticated styles. The vibrancy of the colors combined with the nuanced heritage of the designs makes each piece created at Goltikli uniquely exceptional.
Our customer is YOU-the creative, positive and confident Woman of Today always striving for a little extra from every moment, her home is an extension of her personality; she is comfortable in a warm cocoon of friends. To her, Goltikli is what resonates with both a magical as well as a Joyful transformation of her lifestyle. Behind all this magic is our team of Designers painstaking attention to detail in design and quality in each of our lovingly crafted products