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The Story of Upcycled Art from India -Temple Dance Pillow

This was Probably One of the first designs popping out of the oven from our studio.No wonder its so special and close to our hearts .And the response we have been getting on not just this one but all our designs is so encouraging . Let's quickly jump to the story of "The Temple Dance " Pillow .This Design Features  an Indian Classical Dancer Motif ,across a temple backdrop.In ancient India, the female dancers used to worship the temple deity and dedicated their art forms storytelling about the deity.This design has been inspired by the Pattachitra art form from India .                                      ...

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The Story of Rakshabandhan

  The expression "Raksha Bandhan," means in Sanskrit, "the bond of protection, obligation, or care," It is popularly believed to be a celebration of the sacred relationship between a brother and a sister. But what if we told you that as per our mythology, it was not just restricted to brother and sister? Well, not just that, there are various stories that are associated with this festival which have been mentioned in the Indian mythology and history. If you believe in the Hindu mythology, then these stories of gods and goddesses might interest you. However, if you are not a believer, we have some examples from the Indian history as well to give you some perspective. Let us look at each and every...

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Monday Featured : Pride Month Edition- Chit Chat Session with Manh

" Be You, Do You, Celebrate You "  So True . It is definitely so difficult to be yourself in a world which is constantly trying to change you .And that in itself is the greatest Accomplishment . Today being the last Monday of Pride Month and we were lucky to have grabbed Manh ,our Monday featured  this week.Inspite of her super busy schedule she was able to accomodate us for a quick Chit Chat .Though we had initially planned this to be filmed but the weather just didn't seem to support us. :( She is such an amazing person and  a truly inspiring story to share and we personally feel lucky to have been able to know her.   Come On,let's read...

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