Monday Featured : Pride Month Edition- Chit Chat Session with Manh

Monday Featured : Pride Month Edition- Chit Chat Session with Manh

" Be You, Do You, Celebrate You

So True . It is definitely so difficult to be yourself in a world which is constantly trying to change you .And that in itself is the greatest Accomplishment .

Today being the last Monday of Pride Month and we were lucky to have grabbed Manh ,our Monday featured  this week.Inspite of her super busy schedule she was able to accomodate us for a quick Chit Chat .Though we had initially planned this to be filmed but the weather just didn't seem to support us.


She is such an amazing person and  a truly inspiring story to share and we personally feel lucky to have been able to know her.


Come On,let's read about her ....

  • What do your Friends call you ?

I have a million nicknames by my friends but usually they just call me by my name “Manh”.

  • What do you do ?

I’ve recently made a career move and left the Advertising Industry of 20 years and I’m now working in Real Estate. I support the Agents with their leads.

Wow !!(I was personally flabbergasted hearing this !!!) Trust me such a big career Move does need a lot of courage .You are truly Amazing and you make it all sound so easy,though we know it was never easy a bit . 


  • What does Pride mean to you ?
PRIDE means living your true self. It means having the courage to tell your story and live, love and be who you are without worrying about judgment. Pride is surviving, educating and breaking down barriers that create this unnecessary divide in humanity.
  • How are you celebrating Pride Month ?
 Typically during Pride, I’m in the village supporting the local businesses and meeting up with friends to celebrate. But due to COVID we have sadly missed these special moments. So, I share my memories and I carry Pride inside me.
  • Was it easy for you coming out your friends and family ?
I have to say that even though I may not have had it as difficult as many out there. My family were supportive and most of my friends were. I think I was probably the hardest on myself. It’s difficult coming out in general but to come out later in life and as a Mother, I think that was and still is very challenging.
  • Who has been  your biggest pillar in your journey ?

I have to say my late sister Linh was my rock. She never once questioned or changed her love for me. She encouraged me through every emotional step and held my hand tight. My sister gave me the strength to be brave for my children and taught me that I had nothing to feel guilty for. That my love and dedication to my children doesn’t change. She made me feel so safe and validated. I miss her every day and I wish I had her here still to continue my journey.

  • Any words of motivation?

Do not feel you are alone. Reach out to those you trust, create a circle of support and believe in yourself. Life is complicated and it will never be perfect but know that things will always work out. Stay strong, stay true and LOVE who you want to LOVE.

 Manh is an amazing mom of two wonderful teenagers and a cute cat baby.Partner of 4 years with her best friend Karen ,they share such a wonderful relationship.She is a super talented person with an immense Love of Food (You have to taste her amazing food ,she's a super fabulous cook).She loves Dancing and Singing (Psst..Psst..You should hear her singing on her Social Media handle) ,Motorbikes and Tattoos.

About herself she says ,

I try to be better than yesterday and look at life as a blessing each day.I am at a stage in my life where I am slowing down and focussing more on living each day instead of focusing too far ahead.


 Pride Month is a month not only to celebrate the people  who belong to the LGBTQ+ family but also to educate yourself and others on the  LGBTQ+ history,and their struggles.

We are doing our part,what about you ?

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It is so refreshing and wonderful to read this 😊.
Manh is a wonderful person to know about.


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