Monday Featured-Pride Month Edition -Meet Mary Li

Monday Featured-Pride Month Edition -Meet Mary Li

June -Yay its Pride Month !!

"Him ~Her ~His ~Hers ~He ~ She~They --All are beautiful in their own way ."---Su,Founder and CEO @Goltikli Inc

June -The month the whole LGBTQ+ communities get to celebrate themselves !!!
No it's not just about Parades or Parties ,it's much more  deeper than that .It's not just about sexual orientations ,it's a much greater cause than that .Pride Month is about celebrating freedom ,about who they are and the right to exist inspite of whom they love.
 We at Goltikli Stand by the whole LGBTQ+ community and join them in the celebrations. 

On this Note meet our first Feature Mary Li ,An Emergency Room  Case Manager Specializing in Addictions.

Come on lets see what she has to say...
What do your Friends call you ?

They call me Mary, it's hard to nickname my name but sometimes I'm called "marebear" (though,not my favorite!!!)

What do you do ?

I work as a Case Manager specializing in Addictions.

Can you tell us more about it ?

I provide case management services to people who have visited the emergency room to connect them to community resources in order to give them the support they need. We take a strengths and recovery focused approach to empower those who are struggling in dire times like this in order evoke the resiliency that already exists within them. It's very rewarding work and I learn something new everyday working with my clients.

What does Pride mean to you ?
Pride to me means all love is beautiful and equal. It means that everyone deserves to be encouraged, accepted and embraced for being who they genuinely and authentically are. 
How are you celebrating Pride Month ?
 I'm celebrating by taking my lovely girlfriend, Lydia, out to the beach, to the parks and preparing romantic picnics with her. Every month is pride month for us because we show up for each other and we are so fortunate to be living in Canada where we can show our affection for each other no matter where we are 🥰
Can you share few Motivating Words you live by ?
Don't be afraid to be true to who you are and show your authentic self because it is the greatest gift you can give to the world ♥️
"Mary is a true adorable soul and talking to her was truly inspiring ".-Su
She's a great dog whisperer .Have you met her adorable buddy Zuko yet ?
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