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Meet our Latest Vendor -Sunset Cement

Since her childhood , this lovely artist had a great interest in art and making things.Having witnessed some concrete work earlier she always had the mind to play around with it more ,but the circumstances just never permitted her. "I want to buy myself a big bag of concrete one day !!!",she would often say to herself ..and laugh .But who knew she just sent a message to the universe ,and today when we meet her shes a transformed and talented concrete artist !!! Concrete work has always been stigmatised as a Man only World,but that did not stop her from going forth.Post the Pandemic she cultivated an interest for Concrete  from where there was no stopping .We are so...

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Smooches for Pooches- A fundraiser event with OSPCA

 We have decided to raise funds for animals in need and help the less fortunate. We are arranging a 2 day Fundraiser event for @ontariospca on July 17 and August 21.This Fundraiser is extra special to us since we are raising money In Loving Memory of our first puppy which we had for 16 years and who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2018. As Ontario’s animal welfare charity, the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society is able to deliver core programs and services, only thanks to community support.Below are few details on how donor dollars were used in 2020 to help animals. What Your Donations Support You help animals every day! You make it possible for the Ontario SPCA’s volunteers and team members...

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Monday Featured-Pride Month Edition -Meet Mary Li

June -Yay its Pride Month !! "Him ~Her ~His ~Hers ~He ~ She~They --All are beautiful in their own way ."---Su,Founder and CEO @Goltikli Inc June -The month the whole LGBTQ+ communities get to celebrate themselves !!!No it's not just about Parades or Parties ,it's much more  deeper than that .It's not just about sexual orientations ,it's a much greater cause than that .Pride Month is about celebrating freedom ,about who they are and the right to exist inspite of whom they love. We at Goltikli Stand by the whole LGBTQ+ community and join them in the celebrations.  On this Note meet our first Feature Mary Li ,An Emergency Room  Case Manager Specializing in Addictions. Come on lets see what she...

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Earth Day amidst the pandemic

The currect pandemic has set back many normal ways we have been used to living . Its helpful to remind oneself that this particular crisis is not going to last forever, and to be gentle with yourself about the limited choices.  While individual action is vital, ultimately, it’s how we come together as a community that will make the biggest difference. Here are some ways we thought we should highlight where we could make a small difference as individuals .

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